Take a quick Flash tour to Sikkim
The land of wonder and astonishment-Flora and Fauna, 'Yak and Yeti'. The unspoiled beauty, the mystic splendor, the purpling Teesta and Rangeet, the snow-capped mountains will sooth your heart and rejunivate your mind-when you feel suffocated and exhausted in the hustle and bustle of city life. Come, visit with 'Endeavour Tours' and breath free in the God-Gifted 'Sukhim'-A happy home….
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Mythical Orissa
Is enriched with natural beauty, forest, sea beaches and temples.One can see nature's bounty and enjoy the historical craftmanship.

It is stretched over 480 Km, long sea beaches, 58,135 Sq. Km forest land and 285 tourist centres including temples with rich historical background, some of them built even during 700 BC.
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